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Who Needs Driver Education?
Anyone under the age of 18 who desires to obtain a NC Learner’s Permit.

  • North Carolina Law states that students who are 18 years old or older are not required to take Driver Education.  They can go to DMV and apply for a learner’s permit or license.   However, they can register for the 30 hours classroom phase but will need to secure a Learner’s Permit before they can complete the 6 hours behind-the wheel phase.

If I drop-out or fail the Driver Education Class, can I take it again?
If you have previously attended (at least 2 class days)  of a Driver Education class and dropped out or failed, you are not eligible to enroll again with the Cumberland County Schools!  You must take driver education through a commercial driving school.  They are listed under Driving Instruction in the yellow pages of the phone book.

Why Take Driver Education At 14½ Years Of Age?
Due to the fact that the NC Legislature has passed the Graduated Driver License Law, it is to the advantage of the student to take driver education at 14½.  Completing the driver education requirement is the first step in the Graduated Driver License Law.  After the completion of driver education and when the student has reached 15 years of age he/she is eligible to apply for a Learner’s Permit through the NC Division of Motor Vehicles.  The student must retain this permit for one year during which time he/she must drive only when under the supervision of the approved licensed driver.  If a student waits until 15 or older to take the driver education course, he/she must still apply for a learner’s permit and drive under its provisions for one year.

Do I Have To Wait Until I Am 18 To Get My Driver’s License?
No! This is a frequent misconception due to the Graduated Driver License Law.  If a student takes driver education at 14½, applies for and receives a Learner’s Permit at age 15, then he/she is eligible to apply for a Limited Provisional License at age 16.

When Does My Driver Education Certificate Expire?
Your Driver Education Certificate never expires.  It is valid for life.

What Is A Driver Eligibility Certificate (DEC)?
A Driver Eligibility Certificate is a certificate which states that the student has passed at least 70% of their courses and has not dropped out of school.  This requirement terminates on the student’s 18th birthday.

How Do I Obtain One?
The DEC is issued by the school (which you attend) principal or his/her designee.

When Does It Expire?
The DEC is valid for 30 days.

How Do I Obtain A Driver Eligibility Certificate (DEC) If I Am Home Schooled?
You must contact the Division of Non-Public Education in Raleigh at 919.733.4276 for the Driving Eligibility Certificate.

If I Lose My Driver Education Certificate How Do I Obtain Another One?
You must contact the Driver Education Office at 910.678.2526.  There is a five dollar ($5.00) fee to issue a new certificate.  Must have complete the Driver Education Course in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Transferred Here From Another State
I already have a learner’s permit from that state.  But, I have not had driver education.  Do I still have to take North Carolina Driver Education even though I already have a Learner’s Permit from that state?  Yes, North Carolina law requires driver education for any student under the age of 18 who desires a learner’s permit.

I took driver education in North Carolina.  Do I have to take the course again?  Probably not.  Contact the Driver Education Center at 910.678.2526 for further instructions.

Driver Education Certificate From Another State
How do I get my certificate converted over to a North Carolina Driver Education Certificate?  Contact the Driver Education Center at 910.678.2526 and they will make the conversion for you.

I completed driver education in another state and have my learner’s permit from that state.  Will North Carolina count the time I have had my learner’s permit from that state toward the one year requirement?  You must contact DMV for the answer to that question.

Published by Linda Fay Davis on October 28, 2019

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